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Audacity for beginners 2020: Introduction to Audacity 101

Step by step audio editing course which is designed to help you record, edit and produce professional quality audio.
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Learn the basics of free audio editing software Audacity and tactics to augment your audio signals.
Use Audacity to create, edit and import/export audio files in MP3/AIFF & WAV format.
Use Audacity for production, recording and audio editing
Learn to apply different effects such as normalisation, equalisation, compression and much more.
Import/Export options/settings and setup configuration optimisation
Learn to explore the basic editing features of copy, paste, cut and trim audio sections
Join the 3,000 students worldwide and learn about audio editing.

This is a step by step Audacity course for beginners who are looking to fully understand the Audacity software and its basic integrated features such as the tools, effect presets and file formats available.

In this comprehensive course, we will cover the basics of the powerful, open-source, and free audio editing software Audacity.

Audacity allows recording, editing, mastering, and mixing. It is a versatile tool for aspiring or professional producers looking for a low budget option to produce high-quality audio.

Each video is downloadable, so you can watch them anywhere, anytime!

Bear in mind, that the course is optimized in an accurate production sequence meaning that this course is structured in the exact sequence that a recording would be made and edited, therefore it is advisable to follow the lectures in sequence.

Get a certificate of completion when you finish the course and with our 30 days 100% money-back guarantee, there's no reason to hesitate.

Audacity for beginners 2020: Introduction to Audacity 101
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