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Audacity V2.3, Audio Editing, Clean up Audio Files

Step By Step Training. Learn to use Audacity V2.3.0 to produce professional quality audio
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To use Audacity to record, edit and clean up audio files.
Add a music track to audio recording and control volume level for both audio and music tracks.
Reduce background noise.
Remove breathing sound.
Capture Sound effects.
Use a variety of effects to enhance audio and add in/out fades.

Audio is the most important part of any video production and good quality audio is a must for any commercial or brand associated use.

This course shows you how to record, edit and  clean your audio using a variety of techniques and effects such as noise reduction, dynamic range compression, normalization, equalization, etc.

You will learn how to download the latest version of Audacity and update it regularly for FREE.

And you will also learn how to use the necessary tools to make your audio sound professional.

All the audio files in all my courses are recorded, edited and cleaned using Audacity.

If you like how my videos sound, you can make yours sound the same with the step by step training in this course.

Audacity V2.3, Audio Editing, Clean up Audio Files
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