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How to use Audacity to Edit your Podcast and Audio files

Quick beginners guide to get you off to a great start
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How to use audacity to edit audio files
How to use audacity to edit podcasts to specifically make intros and outtros and snippets

This course shows you how to edit your sound files and how to edit your podcast using the software Audacity. This is a quick start guide that will help you to get up and running quickly. The course trainer is the host of The Authors Podcast and began using Audacity to edit the show herself. As the podcast grew, and time ran out, this training was created to give the new Virtual Assistant the techniques to be able to edit the podcast on her behalf. As time has gone on, there are more and more podcasts out there, and this course has been released to help others to either help themselves, or to get their assistants to help them to edit their sound files.

This course is for:

  • Those who want to be able to edit their own podcasts

  • Those who want to be able to edit sound files

  • Those who want to learn editing skills to be able to offer this, as a service to others e.g. VA's

What we cover on the course:

  • How to prepare a recording

  • How to create an interlude (with music added) for a podcast

  • How to edit a podcast using audacity

  • How to create an intro for a podcast

  • How to create an outro for a podcast

  • Editing masterclass tips

If you want to do it yourself and learn how to edit your own podcasts for a better listening experience - this course is for you. If you want to get someone else to edit your podcast, and they're not sure how, and you don't have time to teach them the software - gift this course to them because it'll save you a lot of time explaining, and it'll free up your time.

Be aware that the quality of the original sound recording is important. It's like a photograph. If the original picture was taken with a poor quality camera and is blurry or pixelated then it is difficult to improve on that to get a crisp and clean image (although it can be cleaned up to an extent), but there is no substitute for a good original file to start working with. Audio is the same. And on the course, we cover good recording techniques, so that the original sound files are made at a level of quality.

How to use Audacity to Edit your Podcast and Audio files
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