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Attracting, Managing & Incentivizing the Right Human capital

Understanding the secrets to understanding the human capital needs of your business.
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Understanding steps for recruitment and selection
How to develop an appropriate organizational structure fit for their businesses
How to develop a hiring plan for your business
How to develop roles and responsibilities / job descriptions for each position in the organizational structure
How to develop and implement a performance management system for your employees
How to source the right human capital
Understanding hiring processes
Understanding how to manage talent
Understanding how to incentivize talent
Understanding employer and employees rights and responsibilities
How to develop an effective business plan, and addressing management and operational aspects of the business plan

At the heart of any great business is attracting the right human capital to drive the success of your business. The world’s most successful businesses have competent, driven, engaged and entrepreneurial staff. There are too many “one-man businesses” which often breeds inefficiency and difficulty to scale. Many entrepreneurs are weary of layering costs early.

Although this is important, consideration must be given to having the right mix of human capital to support your business. Human capital doesn’t necessary equal additional staff on payroll. It is about finding the right resources to support your business work-flow and expansion at the appropriate.

Human capital comprises of staff on payroll (fixed or commission based), casual workers, interns (often unpaid) and external/independent contractors and consultants. Business must be tactical about creating this mix, and sourcing, attracting and managing such human capital. Businesses as employers must also provide the right environment for human capital to thrive whilst providing structure for growth and the appropriate incentives for a mutually beneficial relationship. Join this course today to learn about all the secrets to success in Attracting, Managing and Incentivizing the right human capital.

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Attracting, Managing & Incentivizing the Right Human capital
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