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Attract Monarch Butterflies to your Garden

Invite them to live in your backyard space by applying a scientific approach
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Create a Monarch Butterfly habitat.
Do something meaningful for conservation.
Unwind in the outdoors (and disconnect from screen-time and the rat-race).
Observe natural wonder right in your outdoor space.
Apply scientific terms to clarify often misunderstood concepts.

This entertaining course makes science fun! Everyone loves butterflies and attracting Monarch Butterflies to your garden may be easier than you think! 

Learn the basics of Monarch life and what it is they need. Once you know their culture, and take action, you will be able to witness the miracle of metamorphosis right in your outdoor space.

We will cover their intriguing migration, some alternate species for various continents, and some tips for keeping your garden healthy.

This brief yet lively course is filled with colorful photos and videos to keep students engaged. Plus, sometimes the instructor is funny.

Jessica Morgan McAtee is super-passionate about her butterfly garden. That is why she has made it her life's mission to help other people create their own backyard sanctuaries. She is an author, speaker and consultant who has helped thousands of people attract butterflies.

Here's what others are saying:

"My garden has changed my spiritual path and put me in a mindset of hope. Could not have done it without Jessica!" Laura B.

"With her knowledge and passion and willingness to answer even the most basic question she makes it fun, exciting and doable. I can’t overstate the joy it gives me to look out from my breakfast nook each morning and see a variety of butterflies flutter about. Or to wander around in the garden to discover very hungry caterpillars and follow their stages into adulthood. Their is something very spiritual and hope giving indeed to the miracle of life as seen through the butterfly. Thanks Jessica!" Ann G.. 

"My happy place was brought to me by Jessica. She educated us on how to properly construct a viable butterfly garden. Thank You!" Laura M.

Attract Monarch Butterflies to your Garden
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