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Attaining Exponential Value Through Digital Transformation

Towards Driving Excellence
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How to drive Exponential Value Through Digital Transformation

The module encapsulates a blend towards attaining exponential value through Digital Transformation.

It activates improved quality of products and services, educed waste and rework, reduced capital requirements in the supply chain, and optimized process flow. It also dwells on the fact that : Quote/ Unquote: Increased connectedness, intelligence, and automation will enhance quality and performance, and lead to more exponential organizations. (Radziwill, 2018)

The catch is towards:

Integration of Technology through various dimensions -- and to achieve integration, organizations must coordinate many things, including (Panesar & Markeset, 2008): • activities of employees, suppliers, and customers • information flows, particularly for performance feedback and sharing new ideas • life cycle stages for innovation (ideation, concept development, feasibility analysis, prototyping, and rollout) • processes to maintain excellence, and • processes to support and sustain innovation.

Attaining Exponential Value Through Digital Transformation
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