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ATHOS - Health Literacy

Learn strategies to help communicate with those with low health literacy
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Understand the prevalence of low health literacy in this country and its relevance to healthcare
Recognize red flags and methods of determining a patient’s health literacy level
Identify patient communication strategies and resources for supporting those needing health literacy assistance
Utilize strategies and tools to help improve low heath literacy levels
Identify potential barriers to or reasons people struggle with health literacy

What is health literacy?  It is the extent to which a person has the ability to acquire, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make good health decisions.  Health literacy includes such things as the ability to understand instructions on prescription bottles, appointment slips, medical education brochures, directions from a provider, consent forms, and the ability to navigate complex health care systems.

In this course, you will examine health literacy issues in this country as well as their implications for patients and our health care system. We will discuss strategies for identifying those with low health literacy levels (red flags), way to improve these levels, and communication techniques to use. This online health literacy training is geared to engage learners through interactive activities, quizzes, and videos.

ATHOS - Health Literacy
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