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The College Athletic Recruiting Process

Learn the college athletic recruiting process from a current NCAA Division 1 coach.
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By the end of this course a student athlete and their parents will understand the EXACT steps to take from start to finish in the recruiting process
There are three major steps in the process, you will learn them all. Step 1, narrow the schools you are considering based on your academics, athletics, and social preferences and talents.
Step 2 - learn how to market yourself so that college coaches know who you are and are able to evaluate you as a perspective student-athletes, and
Step 3: Learn which school is the best choice based on academics, admissions, financial aid, coaches, facilities, teammates, playing time, etc.

By Wayne Mazzoni. NCAA Coach Since 1992.

This course is for high school athletes and their parents. Ideally one should begin this course any time from the 8th grade up to fall of senior year. The course is designed to take you at your own pace. One section might take you two months, the next two days. The course is set up to take you through the recruiting process in a systematic organized and structured manner. It is developed by an NCAA College coach who has been recruiting for 20 years.

There are a million sites where you can put your profile and information only to sit and wait and hope a college coach finds you. If only it was this easy. It is not. College coaches don't log on websites to find their recruits.

This course will teach you what you should and should not do to manage the process from creating your list of schools at the start to making your final college choice at the end.

The College Athletic Recruiting Process
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