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Astronautics & Space Technology for Future Human Missions

Aerospace Engineering: Astronaut + Rocket Science, Space Effects on Humans, Reentry Aerodynamics, Spacecraft Systems
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Understand many concepts related to Astronautics
Identify the Technology developed for Human Spaceflight
Identify Space Effects on Humans and How to Mitigate them
Understand how Spacecraft take Astronauts to Space
Understand why SpaceSuits are essential for Space and Spacewalks
Become aware of the Technologies for Future Manned Missions

The Astronautics & Space Technology for Future Human Missions Course is a multidisciplinary course where we will study how Humans can go and remain safely in Space. My intention is that you understand the main topics regarding the design and engineering of Human Spacecraft clearly by describing in clear terms the Historical Perspective, Present and Future.

The structure of the Course is the following:


History of Human Spaceflight

Space Effects on Humans

Space Suit Design

Human Spacecraft Technology & Rockets

Future of Human Spaceflight

We will discuss topics such as how Humans reached the Moon, The Space Race, Radiation and Vacuum Effects, Life Support Systems, Spacecraft Design and their Adaptation to Rockets and many more.

The objectives of the Course are for you to understand how Humans can go to Space, the design of Human Spacecraft and their safety measures, Rocket concepts, SpaceSuit Design proposals, and in fact to be able to become an Astronaut or either Design your own Spacecraft and Space Suit as a Rocket Scientist!

I encourage you to begin this journey to Astronautics & Human Spacecraft Engineering, you won't regret it! If you have any doubts during the course feel free to contact me, I'll answer as quick as possible!

Astronautics & Space Technology for Future Human Missions
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