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Astrology for beginners made easy with Sue Fletcher

This Astrology course has been created so that anyone can learn Astrology in a step by step process.
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Read, understand and interpret an astrology birth chart.
The birth chart shows the personality, talents and gifts of a person and after this course you will be able to outline these qualities for your friends, family or clients.
You will also be able to highlight the various challenges which are shown by the aspects in the birth chart.
You will be able to understand how and why astrology as a tool for self development can expand your knowledge of yourself and others.

ASTROLOGY FOR BEGINNERS MADE EASY IN JUST 9 MODULES - With International Astrologer Sue Fletcher

Astrologer Sue Fletcher has created some great videos to take you through each step of the course so that the video lectures builds the foundations for the next module. Then to help you see how to put everything you have learnt together, Sue Fletcher uses the famous singer and rock star Prince's birth chart to show you how to put everything together. There are numerous resources for each module and to help you Sue has listed pages from her recommended book “Key Words for Astrology” by Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler. See below for modules outline:-

MODULE 1.  Understanding the Sun signs - Understanding the basics of the Sun Signs is integral to Astrology and how it works.  

MODULE 2.  Understanding the Planets.  -  The planets all have a meaning and they rule a particular Sun sign so we will first cover the meaning and then their connection to the twelve Sun signs.  

MODULE 3. Introducing the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac -  How the natural zodiac links the signs, planets and houses in a way that gives each a place in the overall scheme in the birth chart. 

MODULE 4.  The Planets in the Signs   -  The planets can be in any sign when you are born. In this module we will be looking in depth at the meaning of each planet in a sign. 

MODULE 5.   The Planets in the Houses  - The planets can be in any house when you were born (at the time of your birth, in your birth chart). This week we will be looking in depth at the meaning of each planet in a house. 

MODULE 6.  Four angles and chart ruler -  We will be looking at the 4 angles, the Ascendant, Asc.; the Mid-Heaven, Mc.; the Descendant, Dec and the Imum Coeli, Ic. We will also be learning about the planet that rules the chart. 

MODULE 7. Elements Quads and Polarities - In this module we will be looking at the different qualities, elements and the polarities each sign is made up of and how to calculate it within a chart. 

MODULE 8.  Understanding the meaning of the aspects  - We will be learning about the different aspects and their meaning and what it means in an astrology chart.

MODULE 9.  Q & A, Joining the dots and putting it all together, Congratulations and well done for completing the course - In this module we will cover what we know so far working on a celebrity chart. We will work through a step by step analysis sheet of how to interpret a chart and then use that system for our celebrity’s chart. From that we will look at the interpretation putting it all together.  

Astrology for beginners made easy with Sue Fletcher
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