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Astrological Forecasting for Everyone

Learn to write popular astrological forecasts competently and confidently
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Learn to write popular astrological forecasts competently and confidently.

For Whom Is This Course?

This course is a result of my decades of teaching astrology to many very different audiences. I am always looking for a way to make complex concepts as simple as possible, and here I am addressing the audience with no, or very little, previous knowledge of astrology.

What's So Special About It?

Very gently, carefully avoiding any unnecessary technicalities, I will introduce to you the main building blocks of astrology — signs, houses, and planets. As a result, after only a few lessons you'll begin to write competent astrological forecasts — something that would normally be only possible for a professional astrologer.

What Should You Expect In The End Of This Course?

By the end of the course you will acquire not only all the knowledge that is necessary to write detailed popular astrological forecasts (so called "horoscopes", like those published in newspapers and magazines), but also a decent amount of experience — provided you'll do all the recommended homework.

What's Inside The Course?

The course consists of 52 video lessons. Each lesson comes with a full transcript, which you can download and read at your convenience. Most lesson have a quiz to help you test your knowledge, and there are many different handouts: keywords, templates, and so on.

The Curriculum Looks Unusual. Why?

The approach to teaching I took in this course is unusual, innovative. Superficially, it looks like lessons follow in no particular order, but in fact this order was very well thought-through. My aim is to keep you interested and excited at every step through the course, so I give you something to do, and to start gaining confidence, in the very early lessons. I then gradually add carefully selected ideas in a way one would make a fire in a fireplace: first I add only small pieces of wood and make sure they burn brightly, then bigger and bigger ones, until finally I have a roaring fire — then I can throw in any logs, and they will burn easily and happily!

Do You Have Questions?

Please feel free to ask me whenever you'll have any questions or doubts.

Astrological Forecasting for Everyone
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