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Asta Powerproject for Building Information Modelling

Learn the latest innovation - 4D virtual construction scheduling and project management
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Link single and multiple IFC Files in Asta PP
Display and position IFC Pane, properties pane and categories pane
Specify the appearance of an IFC model
Override colors with material option
Navigate around the model in orthogonal mode
Walk through in the IFC model
Take snapshots of IFC models
Save an IFC model snapshots as images
Associate IFC model objects with tasks using IFC product searches
Create tasks with IFC Search
IFC search timeline simulation
IFC selection
IFC selection addition
Associate model objects with existing tasks using IFC search and IFC selection
Associate IFC model objects with tasks according to name, code library or WBS code
Associate IFC model objects using project templates
Ensure that all of the objects in an IFC model are associated with tasks
Specify the IFC task type and behavior to tasks
Add custom properties to IFC model elements
Revison management
Split objects in an IFC model
Merge objects in an IFC model
Copy split and merge data to a different revision of an IFC file
Compare progress against 3D window
Create timeline simulations videos and add fly pasts
Filter bars and tasks with BIM criteria

Asta Powerproject BIM enables you to plan, manage, construct and track projects in a digital and interactive environment.

During this Asta BIM course, we will discover how to link IFC model and model groups in Asta Powerproject and how to associate tasks with model elements. We will learn how to navigate model, create walkthroughs,  save views as images and take snapshots.

We will enrich model data with using custom properties. Splitting and merging objects option will enable you to arrange building elements according to your schedule.

We will create templates for BIM use in order to speed up the process of creating time based planning.

We will manage model revisions without losing data and link between the model elements and tasks in the schedule.

Ability of creating videos of timeline simulation with added fly pasts, you will be able to share the project and communicate with other stakeholders.

Finally, we will learn how to use 3D view to track progress highlighting differences between live data and baseline.

Asta Powerproject for Building Information Modelling
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