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Asset Management for Water Supply System

A good Asset Management of water utility ensures water of great quality, lower maintenace and longer system life.
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Students will learn about asset management for water suply system.
Students will gain more understanding about operation and management of the tools and machinery used in water supply like pumps, wells, pipes and treatment equipments.
They will also gain knowledge about financial management of water supply system

In this course you will learn how a good water supply system or water utility is managed. Through a simple checkup program for small system I will explain you step by step about the various processes required to manage a water utility. Knowledge about asset management will also give you an edge if you are looking forward to make a career in water sector.

Every water utility needs asset management. A good asset management ensure that the utility is abale to provide enough water of great quality all through its operation. It will lower breakdowns and expensive unplanned maintenance, thereby reducing cost of operation and maintenance. Good asset management ensures that all parts and machinery works their full life cycle and the utility has sufficicient funds to replace them in future.

Asset Management for Water Supply System
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