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Deep Dive - ASP.NET WebForms

36 Hours Course covering all concepts of ASP.NET WebForms in-depth by Micorosoft Certified Trainer
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Know the benefits of ASP .NET over the traditional ASP technology for web development.
Understand the in-depth the architecture and internals of ASP .NET functioning.
Use ASP .NET Controls and build the dynamic web page.
Implement client side validations using validation controls framework.
Change the Look and Feel of the site by applying themes dynamically.
Learn various navigation techniques for integrating web pages within the site.
Reuse UI for dynamic content using Master Pages and User Controls.
Overcome a limitation of HTML – Retaining State between pages.
Use cookies and sessions as state management techniques and know merits of each of them.
Learn about various configuration options for dynamic changes to site without rebuilding and publishing.
Develop secure modules within the site and provide User based and Roles based limited access to them.
Take the advantage of built-in providers for membership, roles and profiles management.
Perform CRUD operations and handle dynamic data from SQL Server.
Develop AJAX enabled websites for high level of interactivity.
Build and Publish Web Applications to production server.

If you have passion towards web development then our Online ASP.NET Training course will provide you with the complete knowledge required to building dynamic websites. Mr. Sandeep Soni, (MCPD in web development) in his ASP.NET videos series has very well demonstrated the mindset one should have to develop websites from ground up. Let it be a complex topic like ASP.NET architecture, he has done an excellent job in simplifying the subject in a language which even a beginner can easily understand and use in his work place.

Like all of our other courses, ASP.NET Training course also has walkthroughs, samples, Interview Questions and Assignments (along with solutions) to help you build confidence in subject knowledge. We have also included source code of simple but complete project to get the participant knowledge of how ASP.NET can be used in web development.

To overcome the mental block of many, who for some reason, feel classroom based training is better than our online ASP.NET Training, we ensure that all your queries are resolved on timely manner and if needed, you can meet our subject matter experts on SKYPE to clarify any questions you may have.

Deep Dive - ASP.NET WebForms
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