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ASP NET CORE MVC 2 and 2.2

Plan and develop your software using entity relationship diagram, use case diagram and ASP.NET CORE MVC
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Develop a software
Models, views and controllers
Partial Views and View Components
View Models
Register and login users using ASP NET Identity
Ajax calls
Entity Framework Core
Access your data using Generic Repository Pattern
Libraries like Datables, Chart js, Bootstrap
And much more

Lots of organizations need software developers but the are lacking on the technology marketplace. It is a great opportunity to do a new career and earn more money.

This course will teach you how to plan the development of a software using the use case diagram and the entity relationship diagram.

You'll use the use case diagram to share the features of your software with the client. You'll be able to see the entities of your database using the entity relationship diagram.

The software will be developed using ASP.NET CORE MVC 2.2. You'll learn about models, views, controllers, partial views, view components, some 3rd components like datatables, bootstrap and much more !

ASP NET CORE MVC 2 and 2.2
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