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Aspen Hysys Simulation Course; From Dummy to Pro

Process Simulation
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Be able to Model the mostly used unit operations
Model basic chemical and industrial processes
Understand how to select the most appropriate properties package for a simulation
Understand how to carryout pipeline flow assurance analysis
Understand how to carryout pipeline hydraulic analysis
Understand how to model a recycle operation effectively
Add pure and Hypothetical components
Oil Characterization
Reactions and reactor modeling
Install oil into Aspen Hysys Flowsheet
Learn the efficient use of different Aspen Hysys functions to build steady state process simulation

Aspen Hysys Simulation Course; From Dummy to Pro is a 6 hour course designed to help the student understand the easiest way to simulate the most important unit operations like pump, compressors, heat exchangers, absorber, stripper, distillation column, heater, cooler, separators, reactors, iterative operations, pipeline, valve, storage tank, expander individually and also integrate them to form a process.

It is designed to help the student understand how to carryout flow assurance analysis, pipeline hydraulic analysis, reactions, oil characterisation, basic troubleshooting and pipeline modelling.

This course will be helpful for students, lecturers in the field of engineering, engineers and researchers in the area of plant design and operations.

This course has practical examples that will help the student get an in-depth view on the thought process needed to carryout effective simulation with Aspen Hysys.

At the of this course, you will be able to add components, select the appropriate fluid package, set up a simulation,  manipulate the flowsheet environment, model important unit operations seamlessly, analyse your simulation for further optimisation, carryout flow assurance analysis and pipeline hydraulic analysis.

The student will learn from my vast experience in the use of Aspen Hysys simulation tool for the simulation of both green field and brown field project.

Aspen Hysys Simulation Course; From Dummy to Pro
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