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ASP.NET Core Tutorial: Learn Web Development

Learn how to work with ASP.NET and Angular 7 while coding an online store in this ASP.NET Core tutorial
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How to use ASP.NET and Angular 7 to create an online store to sell DVD movies

Have you ever wanted to learn web development? To try your hand in creating successful web applications and websites? Well, you came to the right place: this ASP.NET Core tutorial will help you build your skills to make a fully functional online store with a shopping cart and an admin panel. To take this ASP.NET and Angular 7 tutorial, I would advise you to know already how to use the syntax of C#, HTML, and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Why Use ASP.NET and Angular 7?

If you want to know how to code an online store, these two programming languages are your best choice. Using them together allows you to have an interactive, real-world, cross-platform application that you can use. Combining these programming languages will enable you to have an app that quickly communicates between front-end and back-end so it wouldn't lag. While ASP.NET adds a lot of functionality to your app, Angular 7 allows creating an excellent user interface.

What's waiting for you in this Angular 7 and ASP.NET Core tutorial?

To finish this ASP.NET and Angular 7 tutorial, you will have to go through 6 sections. In these sections, I will teach you:

  • How to create the Angular UI and ASP.NET core projects: I will show you how to set up the environment for coding and how to create the ASP.Net and Angular data models;
  • How to create a web service for Angular UI: in this part of this Angular 7 tutorial I will show you how to implement various methods such as Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete;
  • How to structure an Angular UI Application: this part of the Angular 7 and ASP.NET Core tutorial will show you how to create the movie table for your DVDs and how to add "Details" components, how to route the configuration;
  • How to prepare a pipeline for the UI of the Angular store: I will show you how to use placeholders and components for the movie list, how to code pagination and filter controls;
  • How to complete the Angular store UI: one of the last things you will complete an ASP.NET shopping cart tutorial: how to code an online store is adding a shopping cart where people later can check out their wanted products and pay for them;
  • How to create administration features for your online store: lastly, I will show you how to add features for a more comfortable product administration.

As you can see, this Angular 7 and ASP.NET Core tutorial can help you learn web development from real-world examples: with this course, you will know how to code an online store. This is a handy skill for a growing web developer.

An excellent shopping experience is something that brings customers back to the online store. And you can learn how to do that with my Angular 7 and ASP.NET Core tutorial: I will show you all the nooks and crannies of how to create a functional web app in a little over 3 hours. Go through this ASP.NET and Angular 7 tutorial and get practical skills on how to code an online store!

ASP.NET Core Tutorial: Learn Web Development
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