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Create E-shop with .Net Core MVC (step by step project)

Creating ASP .Net Core 3.0 Database Driven Web E-commerce shop using Entity Framework Core
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Build .Net Core 3.0 app start to finish
Create functional Shopping Cart
Implement Identity and LogIn functionality
Implement Authentication and Authorization
Using Sessions
Work with ViewCompoenents
Work with TagHelpers
Create Custom Tag Helpers
Configure .Net Core 3.0 services
Use of C# Interfaces and Repository Pattern
Use Dependency Injection
Apply MVC pattern
Working with Server-side input validation
Work with Entity Framework Core
Implement Relationships betweet classes and tables
Create and Seed Database using Code First approach

Welcome to Creating ASP .Net Core 3.0 MVC Database Driven Web Applications

As the title of the course suggests, we will be creating a web driven application using ASP .Net Core 3.0 with the help of .Net Core and Entity Framework.

Step by step, we will set up a small e-store with a back end database. For the next several hours, we will dedicate our time to interfaces, dependency injection, table relationships, .Net Core Services, Repository Pattern, MVC, ViewComponents, TagHelpers, Sessions, Authentication and Authorization, Entity Framework Core, and of course, C# language. But don't let any of that scare you. Quite the opposite.

Get excited to learn a lot of new material and dive into the new world of .Net Core 3.0. The course makes the learning easy with the mix of introduction of new material, and practical coding! Every step is explained every time.

Remember, this is a course, and a practical tutorial. There are lot of courses that will show you the way into one topic and then quickly move on to another topic. This is not one of those courses! My goal is to lead you step by step, all the way, through the new territory inside .Net Core 3.0 and introduce you to new concepts and topics and help you learn them. And equally important is to then help you understand and retain what you learned. If you learn best by combining explanation and coding along then this course is definitely for you!

So is this course for you? What skills should you have before taking it? If you are a programmer with decent understanding of OOP principles and C#, than you have the all the skills needed to benefit from this course. There are no prerequisites for .net core, or entity framework or how to create and MVC app. Since you are interested in this course, I assume you heard of these things and perhaps played around a little too. That's all that is needed to take this course.

Well, let's code!

Create E-shop with .Net Core MVC (step by step project)
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