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ASIC Bootcamp for VLSI Engineer: STA Basic Concepts

Jump start to your career: give you 2 years of experience
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Well establish solid knowledge basis for Static Timing Analysis
Gain ~ 2 years of industry experience
Never fear again about STA interview questions

Hello dear fellow VLSI Engineers,

> If you are new to Static Timing Analysis and often feel:

  • No systematic way to learn, learn it little by little can be slow and frustrating

  • Difficult to grab the most important piece of knowledge that will help you in your interview/work

  • Don’t know the reason behind the methodology

You have come to the right place, after completing this course, no more "surprises" in your daily job!

> New edits in year 2019:

We have collected a lot feedback from previous course comments. There are 3 major improvement we made this time:

  • No more distracting ambient/background music;

  • Fully custom transcription in sync with the narrator content;

  • Recorded narrator voice with TTS technology (we have to seek for this resort due to our limited bandwidth/budget). But it is much more easy to understand now.

  • Make the course more practical emphasized along with the essential theoretical background. We have introduced a lot new examples and 28 special topics right after each knowledge point.

> If you are actively looking for a new job, you may also want to watch for the course in planning: (will be coming online in a short time)

ASIC Bootcamp for VLSI Students: Cracking the Physical Design Interview

ASIC Bootcamp for VLSI Engineer: STA Basic Concepts
$ 94.99
per course
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