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ASIC Bootcamp for VLSI Physical Design Interview, Part1

Interview questions about STA, Logic synthesis, Floorplaning, Placement
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Over 130+ most common questions asked during VLSI interview and their corresponding answers
Key knowledge points involved in Physical Design

Hi Guys,

Did you just get a job interview appointment with your dream company, actively preparing and nervously waiting for the time to come? Either it is a phone screening, or onsite interview, don't be nervous! You are so lucky to find this course just before the interview, since here is going to reveal the most common questions the interviewers will be asking during the interview.

We have collect 130+ questions with their well-explained answers. (the amount of questions are still growing once in a while)

These topics cover most of the domains in physical design: STA, Floorplaning, Placement, CTS, Route, IR/EM, Signal Integrity, Low Power Design. If you went over all of them, you will feel 90% of the interview questions is just a piece of cake. So hurry up, Let's take the course and conquer the interview!


Due to Udemy's practice course limitation, the 130+ questions have been divided into two courses:

Part 1 (this course) includes contents about warming-up questions, STA, logic synthesis, floorplaning and placement.

Part 2 includes contents about CTS, Route, Signal and power integrity, Low power design and miscellaneous questions.

Enjoy and good luck!

ASIC Bootcamp for VLSI Physical Design Interview, Part1
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