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Ashtanga Yoga: Beyond Basic Practice

Continuing What You Started.
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Beginning Ashtanga Yoga: Beyond Basic

This course is builds on my Udemy-published course "Ashtanga Yoga for New Yogis and People with Limited Range of Motion".  You will learn

  • What sections make up a daily yoga practice

  • 3 sets of standing poses

  • 3 seated poses and

  • you will add to your closing sequence

Each practice starts with Sunsalutes that you already learned.  This course could be a good starting point for someone that has had some yoga classes and have a basic knowledge of beginning yoga even if you have never done Ashtanga yoga before..  This course is easily accessible for people with average fitness.  People with low fitness level (example, it is very difficult to get down and up off of the floor) can continue the previous course and contact Carol for suggestions and modifications for new poses.

Ashtanga Yoga: Beyond Basic Practice
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