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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing

The Future of Automated Testing with Machine Learning - Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Test Automation
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You will learn what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what is the relationship of AI with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science. You will also learn how Machines are learning faster than ever.
You will learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive your UI test automation projects. You will also learn how AI test automation tool uses machine learning to speed-up the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated tests.

**************************THIS COURSE IS RECENTLY UPDATED with quick course summary contents in the form of pdf files (In Section 11: Summary) to host Lunch and Learns sessions for your friends or coworkers****************************************

The reason behind is, I have received lot of good feedback about this course from different group of peoples. They are really excited to know about how Artificial Intelligence can help in Software Testing. They want to teach their friends or coworkers the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing. They requested that I can come up with 30-40 min quick presentation from my detail course so they can host lunch and learn session for their friends or coworkers. I liked their idea and that’s why I have created quick pdf document called: Learn the Basic Fundamentals of AI in Software Testing in less than 30 minutes.

**************************THIS COURSE IS RECENTLY UPDATED with season 2 course contents. In this season 2, I have added ONE NEW LECTURE CALLED: AI Test Automation Demo using Testim in “Innovative AI Test Automation Tools for the Future” section of the course*********************************


The NEW LECTURE shows how to create AI Test Automation project for Web Application using TESTIM tool. If your company's application is web application then you can create automation script using TESTIM which uses AI Machine Learning technique. In that video, you will see how you can create automation scripts. You will also see the difference between Coded UI/Selenium scripts and AI scripts. You will be amazed to see that how AI automation scripts PASSED the test execution even if you change the web element all attributes value.

Please periodically check out this course since I am also planning to add new topics (Smart API Test Generator - which uses Artificial Intelligence to convert your Web UI tests into Automated API Tests) including replacing some static slides to animated slides.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing course is the first ever course on UDemy which talks about future of Automated Testing with AI Machine Learning.

I have decided to release this course into two seasons. it requires students to understand basic fundamental of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the need for AI in Software Testing on first season before we jump into next season where we can deep dive into  AI test automation and discussed some innovative tools that we can use for implementing AI in test automation.

This course is designed for both testers and developers. Tester who want to develop their testing skills in the test automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Developer who want to execute their unit test in automated way using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This course will teach you how AI-assisted test automation can transform the UI. This course will also teach you Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it's relationship with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science. After you have completed this course you should be able to build test automation projects for your company's applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This course should also help you for your AI test automation job interview.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Testing
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