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Articulate Replay

Learn how to create engaging screencasts combining the power of screen recording with the human touch of webcam video.
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Create engaging screencasts with Articulate Replay
Learn how to use the Replay Mixer
Add existing images, videos and audio files into your Replay project
Add lower thirds content to your videos
Optimize and export your Replay project

Course Description

Let's face it-- learning new software can be incredibly daunting. Watching screen recording after screen recording, you're bored out of your mind-- wishing that your instructor would just mix things up a bit to keep the course moving.

Now, the tables are turned. You're the instructor. You want to spice up your screen recordings to keep your learners engaged. You want to add other video, images, sounds, and lower thirds content to your screencasts, while injecting a personal touch by recording your webcam.

Articulate Replay makes all of this possible. Now, you can create engaging screencasts with webcam video, edit these screencasts, and inject your own personal flair with a powerful, intuitive tool.

This course will take you from Replay beginner to expert in less than an hour.

No fluff. This is the real deal.

Learn and Master Articulate Replay in this Comprehensive Course.

This course is perfect for Udemy instructors, Instructional Designers, Sales Professionals and teachers looking for a powerful, intuitive tool to create visually appealing screencasts for use in training, marketing, and/or promotional materials.

Our goal is to put an end to boring screencasts, once and for all.

Contents and Overview
In just under one hour and 21 lectures, this course will teach you how to record, mix and export engaging webcasts with Articulate Replay.

Students will also gain some best practice tips for using Articulate Replay, including common issues and quirks in the software to help improve workflow to get you cranking out solid screencasts in no time.

Upon completion, students will be able to create their own screencasts, mix them in the Articulate Replay mix environment, and publish them as HD video for use in eLearning, marketing, and online delivery.

What are the requirements?
  • A Mac or PC
  • A copy of Articulate Replay (standalone or bundled with Articulate Studio or Storyline)
  • An hour and a willingness to learn

What am I going to get from this course?
  • 21 lectures in one short, power packed hour of content.
  • How to simultaneously record webcam and screen capture in Replay.
  • Understand how to backup, mix and export Replay projects.
  • Insert other video, audio and image content to your projects.
  • Add a professional touch with lower thirds titles.
Articulate Replay
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