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The Art Therapy Master Class - Using Music to Heal & Thrive

Learn fool-proof methods you can start using today to relieve pain and cure illnesses using art instead of meds
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By the end of the course, students will have a complete understanding of what working as a music therapist entails: requirements, applications, lifestyle, wage and more.
Students will walk away with customized techniques that will allow them to influence themselves and change their state in a heartbeat.
Students will learn skills that will allow them to create change in people through music. We've simplified them so that they will be able to apply these skills in real-life situations right away.

As the general appeal for traditional medicine is on the decline, alternative & non-intrusive ways of healing are gaining in popularity. That is the case of music therapy. If you play music, you know the power that a simple melody can have on someone's emotions. If not, how is it that people cry when hearing their national anthem played out? Or how is it, that a lullaby can bring a raging baby to peace within seconds?

In this course, we'll explore the many facets of music therapy, dive into the profession of music therapist and everything it entails, from skill requirements to places of employment, salary, types of work, etc.

We will also have a look at some of the real-life methods used by therapists and dissect the underlying principles that make them effective.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to sit in the patient's chair several times throughout the course. You will be guided through therapeutic exercises and witness firsthand the transformational power of music.

We hope you will enjoy taking this course as much as we've enjoyed putting it together.

It's an honour to have you with us, and we wish you a pleasant and enriching experience.

The Art Therapy Master Class - Using Music to Heal & Thrive
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