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Therapeutic Art: Self Exploration

An Introductory Course to Find Your True Self
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How you can become who you want to be... who your soul wants to be
Embark on the journey to discover who you TRULY are
To see the beauty in your "imperfections" and love yourself
To solely focus on each creative task, cultivating a clear and tranquil mind
Explore all of the sides of yourself, the "masks" you wear, which masks do you need more or less of?
Stress and anxiety relief as you feel calmer doing these creative exercises
Art therapy can improve cognitive and sensory motor function, self-esteem, self awareness, emotional resilience.

Use art as a channel to express your emotions throughout this course.

This is not a course for artists to progress as artists or to learn how to be an artist, but for anyone to go deeper into the subconscious mind using art as a medium to uncover ideas, underlying issues, or deep-seated emotions that are the cause of your daily troubles. Then using Therapeutic Art as the tool to deal with these possibly distressing or confusing emotions, both calming the distress and using visuals as a way to see these emotions in front of you. You'll even find yourself having fun in the process!

Throughout this course you will begin to identify who you truly are: not just the soul's essence, but who you are in each of the roles of your life, the 'masks' you wear with your family, your colleagues, your friends... You will recognise the parts of yourself you don't like, and the parts that are truly You - and becoming the You you want to be. See all of these masks - the good and bad - and generate a pure love for yourself, changing what it is you don't like or just accepting and embracing it. This is your time to explore all of this, your Self, through Art Therapy. Who are you under all of the masks and layers? And throughout it all I will be here to help you help yourself.

This is a 5 week course designed for you to take the time and space each week for a creative exercise whilst you contemplate the questions I give you about your Self and your life. You can do the exercises in any timeframe you desire, however I advise having time to reflect between each exercise, ideally sticking to it being 5 weeks. No prior art experience is required!

Use your preferred materials for any of the exercises, even if I am using paint you can use pencil, pen, crayons, pastels, collage or anything else you can think of! The priority is for you to do the exercise itself, no matter the material being used, and see what comes up for you.

Therapeutic Art: Self Exploration
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