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Art Therapy Education: Expression of Art and Psychology

Art Therapy Education: CERTİFİED Education
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Art Therapy
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Welcome to Art Therapy training. in this tutorial, we explain the effect of art on human psychology. To make this more understandable, we aim to collect the most useful information and present it to you in a way that will not be boring. To make this artistic course, in which art and psychology iş integrated, beneficial for you. Art, like all non-verbal expressions, facilitates exploration, expression, and communication of things we are not aware of. So, working on emotions through art therapy can improve relationships between people, as every person focuses on the emotional side, which is one of the main aspects. Thus, people become aware of their hidden aspects and can contribute to the development of these aspects.

Art therapy is about people. It is not only a project aimed at people themselves, but also a project aimed at the things they are uncomfortable with and their desire for change.

Through personal and cultural differences, art therapy aims to renew the conditions for creative results, to recognize the specific details of different art styles and to understand the effects of these art styles.

We can define art therapy as a discipline that has certain features and boundaries. Art therapy is defined as a type of support mechanism (or therapy) that uses visual arts to help people regain or improve their mental health as well as their emotional and social health. The aims of art therapy are the same as for psychotherapy.

Art Therapy Education: Expression of Art and Psychology
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