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Art Therapy (based on Vedic Sciences)

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Rewrite your inner setup to a healthier, more blissful state of being.
Practice art stress management techniques.
Unblock creativity.
Use the Number One Mandala for clarity and transformation .
Drop your negative self-talk.
Achieve clarity through art practices.
Create art that heals.
Enjoy the steady flow of new ideas.
Learn to love you.
Meet your authentic self.
Help family and friends through sharing “How To” projects.

Therapeutic art course based on the Vedic Sciences allows to drop negative self-talk, unblock creativity and achieve clarity.   The aim of the course is not only to express how you feel to get a temporary relief from suffering but to try to heal the suffering itself to create a change within you so you can experience life in a more blissful way.

Bonus: With this purchase you will be able to get the "Creativity Workshop for Unlimited Flow of New Ideas," for $10 by using a promo code that will be provided in the bonus section of this course. 

There are a lot of benefits of taking these courses together. Although they are great stand alone courses as well.

Art Therapy (based on Vedic Sciences)
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