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Clothing Illusions-Dress Smart

Look Good, Feel Awesome!
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"Clothing Illusions” is a course for Women of all Sizes. Learn to create magic with clothing using tips and tricks with the help of colours, patterns, cuts, styles, accessories and lots more.
Identify your body shape with the help of an exercise and use tips shared in the course to look good, feel awesome.
Get an added tip as a special take-away from the course.

Each of us is built differently, with different features, and we are all aware that one size does not fit all. Clothing illusions come to our rescue. Clothing illusions is about creating magic with clothing pieces using clothing designs, patterns, colours, cuts and styles.

What if you had a few tips to dress your body shape and create illusions that will not only look good, but also feel awesome, no matter what your size  or shape? Well, this course will help you with just this.

This is a short course for Women of all Sizes. Whether you use an Indian attire or Western get up, learn to create illusions with clothing choices based on your body shape, with the use of colours, patterns, cuts, styles, accessories and lots more. This short course will teach you how to look good and feel awesome using tips and tricks of clothing illusions.

Who Benefits:

This program will benefit every women of all shapes and size, women of of all walks of life and women who want to enhance themselves aesthetically.

What is included in this course?

  • You will be able to Identify your body shape in a simple way.

  • You will be able to define why and How to dress as per your body shape using clothing illusions and principles of clothing.

  • You will relate to the tips and tricks their use based on clothing styles, shapes, colours, patterns, lines and cuts, accessories, make-up, etc.

  • You will also get and added tip as a takeaway from the session.

Clothing Illusions-Dress Smart
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