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Art of communication: NVC the Nonviolent Communication

Non violent communication course For All Levels
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Non-violent communication
The art of communication
Four steps of NVC


In short, it's called NVC, this is a communication technique which is aimed at solving challenging interpersonal situations, arguments and other problems while preventing personal conflict.

The power of NVC

Imagine a life where the opposing views always reach consensus, where instead of fierce shouting we pay attention to each other, where the red fog of anger never obscures our vision, and where the common solution is winning our values. This is the world of nonviolent communication, and it is something that anyone can create. In this world you will experience how it feels, to be welcomed to the world of Peace.

Let’s start it together!

Recommended for learners if:

You would like to have standing-ground to recognize the factors that drive conflicts and you want to be able to deal with them in time, from a balanced emotional state. This technique can be used in business, at work and in private life as well, after all, who doesn’t want to live in peace and agreement instead of misunderstandings?

Moreover, it’s also recommended to those who are interested in their everyday relationships, those who want to communicate better, more accurately, more successfully, and who want to recognize the hidden messages of other people’s words, and in the meantime would like to get to know themselves a little better too…

Would you want to live a high quality and balanced life? Then create a pleasant, balanced, harmonious atmosphere around you! I'll show you how!


NVC method consists of four steps. We must go through these steps in our minds first then we have to use them in actual conversations to express ourselves towards others. Through these 4 steps, we can express ourselves, what is inside us.


The key to living a balanced life is the pleasant, balanced, harmonious atmosphere that surrounds us day in and day out. This is the goal of NVC, to create win-win situations.


  • Non-conviction

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Awareness

  • Objective observation

  • Resolving conflicts

  • The harmony of subjective emotions and objective observations

  • Top level communication, the art of communication

How long does it take completing the NVC course?

Two weekend times. About 25-30 hours. But, for slower progression, it is possible to go on as long as you like. You can complete the course material anytime after your purchase.

Course material: What kind of material is there in the course?

The course contains various kinds of materials.

There are lectures, which helps you easily understand the basics of nonviolent communication. Some knowledge of the psychological background, on the 4 steps of the communication process divided into chapters.

We can find lots of teaching videos, and other kinds of videos to help us understand the holistic meaning of the non-violence thinking, communication and even life path.

Funny and exciting quizzes about us, our communication style, our way of being or not being aggressive as a person. A quiz about the small signs of the body language, we can test our ability to read body language.

There are NVC process practising tasks, and tasks which help us to practice self-reflection. These are the keys towards self-knowledge.

How will the use of NVC enriches our life?

  • Teaches us new knowledge of conflict solving

  • Helps develop new attitudes on relating to others in private and in professional life also

  • Gives new skills that are useful all walks of life

  • Enriches our communication toolkit

  • Deepens our self-reflection

  • Improves our capacity to lead more harmonious relationships


I liked the course, I saved some part of it for later, to re-read, digest, and take more time with it. Because the course content is rich and deep, well-edited so it's worth it to build it into my everyday life.

Ann S., psychologist, Budapest

I would like to thank the possibility, to have introspection into such a communicational technique that I would say everyone should have known.

It was great along the course that it is practical, there are great videos, and that after each lesson I could try what I’ve read in the lecture, as the theory and practise of NVC. The course makes me wonder, how difficult it is to communicate well in general and in conflict situations too, and how many details I should pay attention in me and in others too. As an educational expert, I think primary students should learn NVC, maybe even preschoolers also.

Brigitta B., Preschool teacher and PhD candidate, Budapest

Art of communication: NVC the Nonviolent Communication
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