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Arrays in PHP [Exercises]

Complete more than 40 Coding Exercises in Arrays.
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The students will acquire in-depth understanding of how to create arrays in PHP and how to use them.

This course assumes that you already have basic knowledge and basic experience in using arrays in PHP. This course includes more than 40 coding exercises organized into separate topics, including the following: Simple Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Arrays Sorting, The list Construct, and Arrays Standard Functions.

Each coding exercise includes code the student needs to complete its missing parts, and submit. Taking this course, if you feel that you would like to have more exercises at a specific level about a specific topic please don't hesitate and let us know. We will take your needs into account when working on the next version.

If you encounter an exercise you fail to complete and have difficulties understanding its solution please let us know and we will prepare a video that explains that specific exercise and its solution. If a video already exists and you still need more explanations please don't hesitate and let us know so we could improve the video that already exists or prepare another one.  

Arrays in PHP [Exercises]
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