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Array and Vectors in Java

Introduction to Array
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Array, it's creation, Uses, Types, Initialization, Advantages and Disadvantages and sample Programs

Java is platform independent, open source Object oriented programming language

In current industrial scenario, Java has broad industry support and is prerequisite for may allied technologies like advanced java, JSP, android development etc.

This course develops necessary skills in students to apply object oriented programming techniques in java so that they will be able to develop array and Vector based programs.

This course is giving idea about array, its definition and declaration. It also gives idea about how to initialize array. The length property of array is explained and demonstrated Practically. It also gives idea about different array types, its Explanation and Practical Demonstrations, Advantages and Disadvantages of Array. It also differentiate between Array and Vector, Vector Constructors, and different methods of Vector.

Java remains one of the world’s most popular and used programming languages due to its platform independence. Many new developers learn Java as their first language. Java is known for being verbose, and some developers struggle to get the basics down.

Understanding data structures is a key component to Java programming, and arrays are the first step. To help your Java journey, in this tutorial, we will learn how to implement and use arrays in Java. A Java array is a group of similarly-typed variables that use a shared name.

Today, we will learn what’s unique about arrays in Java syntax and explore how to declare, initialize, and operate on array elements.

Today we will learn:

  • What are arrays in Java?

  • Types of arrays in Java

  • Declaring an array in Java

  • Initializing an array in Java

  • Accessing and changing elements of an array

  • Looping through array elements

  • Common Java array operations

  • What to learn next

Array and Vectors in Java
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