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Learn 3 - All Time A R Rahman Hits on Carnatic Flute!

Cherish your dream of learning & performing 3 - Beautiful & Evergreen hits of AR Rahman on your instrument!
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At the end of my course, students would be happy to have learnt 3 - Beautiful evergreen songs of the legendary composer AR Rahman
At the end of my course, students will cherish their dream of performing the 3 popular AR Rahman hits at their Schools/Offices/College or a family function and shine like a SUPER STAR

What is the course all about? 

  • This course is all about learning 3 - Popular and Evergreen hits of AR Rahman - Step by Step!

What kind of Materials are included?

  • Each song is targeted line by line for decoding them to simple Swaras/Notations which can used by any instrumentalists. (Mainly targeted for South Indian Carnatic Flute) 
  • Best efforts have been taken to highlight the challenges and difficulties for most of the lines in the explanation which makes the learning process Hassle free
  • Professional Quality pictures are used to explain concepts to make it more interesting.
  • The videos are of very High quality with lesson highlights  embedded in 'High Quality - PNG images' in the background
  • PDF document of Notations and Key pointers are available at the end of each song which can be used as a quick reference guide

How long will the Course take to complete?

  • You can plan to complete this course in 3 - 4 weeks targeting one song per week to master it correctly. 

How is the Course Structured?

  • The course is systematically structured right from choosing the song. The songs that are chosen in this course are predominantly Raga based compositions 
  • Each song is based on a particular Raga and will be very easy to understand and learn the song without problems and hence the lesson starts off with the 'Scale' (Aarohanam & Avarohanam) of the Raga highlighting all the notations/Swaras that come in the song
  • Fingering technique for all the notations/Swaras are explained systematically using Block Diagrams (only South Indian Carnatic Flute) 
  • Only one line per slide is targeted for learning process and challenges/difficulties for that particular is explained and highlighted for student's convenience 
  • Each slide is explained very clearly with clear instructions and supportive images and High Quality Video instructions
  • All the notations/Swaras of the song is beautifully documented in a PDF file and is made available at the end of each song as a quick reference guide! 
  • Full version of the song and quick assignment at the end of each section 

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn 3 Evergreen songs composed the Legendary composer A R Rahman Step by Step
  • Confidence to a level that you can perform these songs without any issues
  • Step by Step and Line by Line instructions with notations and Key pointers beautifully documented towards the end of each song! 

What is the target audience?

  • If you are someone who picked up South Indian Carnatic Flute recently and who knows how to play the different notations/Swaras of Carnatic Music System 
  • If you have completed my LEVEL - 1 and LEVEL - 2 Course, then this course is for you! 
  • That doesn’t mean that this course is not for other instrumentalists. If you are learning any other instrument that caters to South Indian Carnatic Music system and if you know how to play all the Swaras/notations of Carnatic Music System and yearning to play popular filmy songs on your instrument, this course is for you!
  • This course is not for those who are learning advance lessons and those who want to learn these songs with Gamakas/Anuswaras
  • I have used minimum or no Gamakas in my decoding process keeping beginners and intermediates in mind

Learn 3 - All Time A R Rahman Hits on Carnatic Flute!
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