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Professional Qualified Aromatherapy Practitioner Diploma

Approved, recognised, professional Aromatherapist, practitioner course
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 401 students enrolled
Students complete their learning pathway with this professional qualification in Aromatherapy
The completion of this course, along with the pre-requisites, will allow students to access professional insurance and membership with our partner companies.
Students learn about professional development and CPD
Students learn about and research the chemical components of essential oils
Students access information and profiles of other base products in which to dilute essential oils
Support your professional development and personal growth where you are taking college training
Students access information about the use of Aromatherapy in palliative care
Students access new essential oil profiles
Students learn how to make infused aromatic oils
Students learn about consultation and selection of essential oils
Students access making personal products using the oils, butters, waxes, gels and essential oils they have learned about.
Students gain a Udemy certificate of completion
Access professional membership (international) and insurance (UK and EU member states students only at present)


Hello and welcome to our professional qualified practitioner aromatherapy diploma course.  This is advanced learning and completes a 4 level of learning pathway.

In order to receive your external professional qualification for this course you will need to have completed the course requisites so make sure to read them through.

Students who have taken the pathway of learning with course creator and instructor, professionally qualified Aromatherapist, Deborah Casey, will access this course as the final part of their journey of learning.

A solid foundation of learning has been gained through the pathway of learning; A taste of Aromatherapy, Level one beginners and Level two intermediate courses have led students to this professional qualified practitioner Aromatherapist training.

Students will have completed our courses - Introduction to Body massage and Professional Body Massage Diploma training courses and hold your professional diploma certificate which allows the candidate, upon completion of this course, to provide Aromatherapy massage to paying clients.

This course is aimed at those students who want to provide professional Aromatherapy services to paying clients through setting up your own business and running your own professional holistic therapy clinic; you will be able to provide Swedish massage as a separate therapy as you will have our professional qualified body massage diploma certification.

You'll be able to help your clients with the use of signature blended essential oils for stress or whatever ailments they present with. You will also learn about Aromatherapy in Palliative care, which is a wonderful area of health and well-being to share Aromatherapy, as it supports individuals with life limiting or life limiting or end of life conditions.

This professional Aromatherapy training programme has received approved from the IICT - the international Institute of complementary therapists, and the British Holistic Therapy Organisation

Upon completion of all assignments and case studies students receive a professional diploma, accepted by the British Holistic Therapy Organisation (professional fee is separate to this course).  Students in the UK and EU will be able to gain professional insurance, which permits students to set up in business and provide professional services, Those students outside these locations will need to make enquiries of local insurers and regulations to ensure that this course is right for you.

Course outline

Role and responsibility of the Aromatherapist

Continued professional development and professional development

Anatomy, physiology and pathology continued

The use of holistic therapy and essential oils in care of palliative patients

Treatment area, equipment and consultation

Carrier mediums; butters, gels, aromatic waters and waxes

A- Z of essential oils (new essential oil profiles to add to previous profiles)

Essential oils and The Chakras

The chemistry of Essential oils

Making personal products; learn how to make a simple infused oil for use in making balms, learn how to use simple seeds to make natural gels etc

After-care and record keeping

Should you want to go to the professional level then the following are requisites that must be fulfilled:

Case study; 20 complete case studies are required - 20 people receive 6 full aromatherapy massage treatment which includes the consultation process.

Final exam and assignments assess the students learning.

Course Certification

Students will receive a free Udemy course certificate of completion. For our professional qualification diploma students will need to submit a copy of their Udemy certificate with their assignments and complete a final exam (note their is now a small administrative fee payable in advance for the diploma which we send via email as a pdf document along with professional indemnity insurance and professional membership information).

This course is ideal for those students who are:

Looking to complete their pathway of learning and become qualified professional Aromatherapists and who want to start up their own business and open up their own clinic

Looking to complete their learning pathway and add this system of natural healing to their wondrous healing modalities already offered in their own private clinics.

Looking to feel the amazing results of successful achievement of a training goal.

Looking to help self, family, friends, private clients and community through natural healing modalities.

Are you ready to fulfil your education and training goals?


Then enrol today...


You maybe already a qualified Aromatherapist and looking to update your current professional education and this course will support you with that.***

Professional Qualified Aromatherapy Practitioner Diploma
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