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Aromatherapy Blending with Crystals

Learn how to create Aromatherapy Oil Blends & Sprays and infuse them with Crystal Energies!
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Basic Aromatherapy Blending for Oils & Sprays
Advanced Aromatherapy Blending Oils & Sprays
Aromatherapy Blending Formulas, Recipes & Instructions
Learning how to combine Aromatherapy Essential Oils with Crystal Energies to enhance your blends
Practices & Methods for infusing your oil blends with Crystals
Create a Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Oil
Create a Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Spray
Package and label your blends

In this course you will learn the tips, tricks and formula's of how to create beautiful Aromatherapy oil and spray blends and learn 8 different methods of how to infuse your finished blends with Crystal energies.

The course starts with the basic foundations of Aromatherapy blending where you will learn beginners aromatherapy blending recipes, methods and formulas.

After this you will be taught more advanced methods of aromatherapy blending, how to combine your essential oils and how to create your own recipes.

Once you have your finished creating your Aromatherapy blend, you will learn about the basics of crystals and how to infuse crystal vibrations within your blends. You will be taught simple crystal infusion methods and more advanced methods.

For this course you will be taught by Melissa Habibi, an experienced and certified Aromatherapist with 10+ years experience. She ran a successful aromatherapy business for many years creating her own oil and spray crystal infused blends to be sold online and in retail stores and she will be sharing with you all her tips, tricks and methods for how to create aromatherapy blends and infuse them with crystal vibrations.

Aromatherapy Blending with Crystals
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