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Arithmetic Progression

A complete course on Arithmetic Progression..with shortcut tricks for competitive exams..
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What is Arithmetic progression..
All important formulae related to an A.P...
Many examples in solving word and numerical problems along with worksheets..
Shortcut tricks for competitive exams..

Hi. This course is for all those students who have arithmetic progression in their curriculum. Designed with beginners in mind, this course is perfect for the high school students, college students and the students preparing for quantitative aptitude and have arithmetic progression as part of their syllabus.

What you find in this course:

1. Complete lectures on Arithmetic Progression.

2. Many many examples which covers almost all variety of problems you encounter in class.

3. Shortcut tricks for faster solutions.

4. Worksheets for extra practice.

5. Articles on key takeaways from the lessons.

6. Simple quiz to track your progress.

Come Join in...and make learning easy and fun..!

Arithmetic Progression
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