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Arista Networks: Getting Started with Arista EOS

Learn Arista EOS
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To configure Arista Switch
Arista EOS
Setup LAB for practicing Arista EOS

This course is for those,  who want learn about Arista EOS configuration and have basic knowledge of Networking.

We are going to focus on practical aspects of Arista EOS. So I am assuming that you have CCNA level knowledge.  We will also learn to setup virtual LAB for practice Arista EOS on GNS3.

At the end of course you will able work on Arista switches.


Section 1:Introduction

Lecture 1:Introduction

Lecture 2:Set up LAB for practice

Lecture 3:Arista Documentation

Section 2:Basic Configuration

Lecture 4:Arista EOS Command Line Interface

Lecture 5:Arista EOS Aliases

Lecture 6:Configure Hostname

Lecture 7:Configure IP address on Interface

Lecture 8:Configure Privileged mode Passwords

Lecture 9:How to Save Configuration

Lecture 10:View Configuration file

Section 3:Working with VLANs

Lecture 11:VLAN Introduction in Short

Lecture 12:Configuring VLAN's

Section 4:IP Routing

Lecture 13:Static Routing


Arista Networks: Getting Started with Arista EOS
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