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ARIS 9 Delta Training for Process Designers

See whats new in ARIS 9
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In this course, we will highlight the changes and improvements of the new ARIS 9 compared to the ARIS version 7. This particular course was created for ARIS desigers who have practical knowledge of ARIS 7 and who are interested in the new ARIS 9 version and its differences towards version 7.

bpE University presents a crisp Delta Training for Process Designers that will help you to use ARIS 9 successfully. In 7 Lectures of about ten minutes lenght each you will learn how to use all new features efficiently, based on your knowledge of older ARIS versions. ARIS 9 is the latest process design platform provided by Software AG. Compared to previous ARIS versions, ARIS 9 increases convenience in use and helps you to improve your processes.

ARIS 9 Delta Training for Process Designers
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