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Arduino Uno and Visual Displays Bootcamp

Learn Electronics Basics, Arduino Platform and Ecosystem, Arduino C Programming, and interfacing various displays
Course from Udemy
 37 students enrolled
Build projects with Arduino Uno
Understand what is the Arduino Platform and Ecosystem
Understand Digital Outputs
Detailed Tour of Arduino IDE and Settings
Work with simple and RGB LEDs
Work with LED Bar Display
Work with 7-Segment LED display
Prepare LED Chaser Circuits
Max 72xx Matrix display
OLED display
TFT display
WS2821b display

Learn Basics of Electronics, Arduino Ecosystem, and Visual Displays. These are a few of the most in-demand skills of the 21st Century! An expert level Electronics and IoT professional can earn $100000 (that's five zeros after 1) in today's scenario.

This is the most comprehensive and straight-forward course for the Electronics basics, Arduino, and various visual displays on Udemy! Irrespective of your level of familiarity with Arduino and Electronics, you can register for this course. In this course we will teach you Arduino Basics, Arduino Ecosystem, Basics of Electronics, Arduino C Programming, and Interfacing with Visual Displays.

(Note: Arduino C Code files, Fritzing Circuit Diagrams, and other PDFs can be downloaded from the downloadable section)

With more than 70 lectures and more than 7 hours of videos, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned in teaching you Arduino, Electronics Basics, and interfacing with various displays!

This course is the easiest way to learn basics of Electronics and Arduino. You also get to learn how to interface Arduino with various visual displays.

You will get lifetime access to over 70 lectures plus corresponding PDFs, Arduino C code files, and the circuit diagrams for the lectures!

So what are you waiting for? Learn Arduino and Electronics in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Arduino Uno and Visual Displays Bootcamp
$ 19.99
per course
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