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Arduino Programming and Hardware Basics with Wio Terminal

Learn about Arduino programming along with hardware basics with Wio Terminal
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Arduino Programming
Embedded Electronics

In this course, I will explain how to use the Wio Terminal along with the software and present you fun demos as well! So I hope this helps you to gain more knowledge on how to program with the Wio Terminal!

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Getting started with Arduino using Wio Terminal

  • Draw text strings, shapes, line charts and histograms on the Wio Terminal LCD

  • Display images on Wio Terminal LCD

  • Use Grove modules with Wio Terminal

  • Different communication protocols

  • Build-in hardware/ sensors on the Wio Terminal

  • Building a TV remote using the IR Emitter on Wio Terminal

  • Smart Garden Project using Wio Terminal

  • Use Wio Terminal as a mouse and a keyboard with your computer

Arduino Programming and Hardware Basics with Wio Terminal
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