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Arduino Cookbook 101: Virtual to physical device development

Aquire the needed skills for making fully custom mechanical/electronic/software devices
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Build real world solutions using a Arduino. This is a step by step practical approach.
Understand Arduino Sketches
Be able to prototype your very own devices!

Take this course and learn to make Your own devices in the matter of minutes! Learn skills needed to make fully custom mechanical / electronic / software devices. Will You take the challenge? 

The contents of this course will guide you in uderstanding how Arduino works and most importantly do it by showing you practical real-life examples. 

Filip Blicharczyk MacGyver wannabe. Do-it-all engineer and dedicated hotspur for rapid prototyping ranging from design and mechanics through analog and digital electronics up to software programming.

Marek Chabiera Open source and linux based operating systems enthusiast. Graduate of Adam’s Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Master degree in Linguistics and Information Science, who also tries his hand at engineering. Interested in web development and computional linguistics. When he’s not working, he usually read books or play board games.

Arduino Cookbook 101: Virtual to physical device development
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