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Arduino based Text to Speech (TTS) Converter

Take Arduino to the Next Level with a Step by Step Guide on How to Speak any Text using Human Voice Speech
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Move your Arduino Controlling to the Next level with Text to Speech
Make your own Arduino Based Device that Sends Human Voice Output to users
Learn Working Principle of Text to Speech Conversion
Use different commands to initiate different voice actions on the Arduino side

You will be able to send Speech output with a speaker to ask users to do certain things or tell them a sensor reading or anything that comes in mind, this is the next level of Arduino Control.

Welcome to this course.

You will learn what's the particular working rule of Text to Speech Conversion with Arduino and begin using Human Voice without complex coding, you'll also learn what you'll do with it and the way to use it to enhance your own Arduino control algorithm by providing a voice option in your project and make it interact with users in an exceedingly more user-friendly way using simple codes with free software.

After this course, you'll be ready to Take Arduino to succeeding Level, and therefore the choice is yours to use it in any application that comes in your mind which will make your life easier since all connections and coding are explained thoroughly.

I'm sure that this course will take you Arduino Projects to future level and open your mind to new possibilities.

Required Materials   


  • Arduino or an Arduino clone board, or you can make your own custom Arduino board.

  • A Speaker

  • Amplifier Circuit (Explained with full details inside the course)

  • Connecting wires.


  • Arduino IDE  (FREE)

  • Text to Speech Library (FREE)

Arduino based Text to Speech (TTS) Converter
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