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The Complete Arduino and Electronics Masterclass

Learn Basics of Electronics, Sensors, and Arduino C Programming and Create Awesome projects
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Build projects with Arduino Uno
Understand what is the Arduino Platform and Ecosystem
Understand Analog and Digital Inputs, PWM, and Digital Outputs
Work with Max 72xx Matrix, OLED, 5110, TFT, and WS2821b Type of displays
Understand the concepts of I2C, SPI, and Serial Bus (UART and USART)
Learn C Programming for Arduino (Memory, Arrays, and Strings)

This is the complete masterclass for Arduino and Electronics. We will learn basics of Electronics and explore the Arduino platform in detail. We will study the electronic buses like Serial, I2C, and SPI. We will also learn the interfacing of Arduino with various electronic hardware components.

This course has over 70 lectures and more than 6 hours of video. After finishing this course, you will be comfortable working with Electronics and Arduino platform. This is a practical and hands on course. If you are interested in tinkering and maker movement, you will find this course very useful. Also if you are an engineer by heart, you will be delighted to work on various projects in this course.

Following is a broad list of topics we will learn in this course,

* Basic Electronic Components

* Working with LEDs

* LED Displays

* More Arduino Boards

* Various Buses

* LCD Interfacing

* Arrays, Strings, Memory

* Potentiometer and Analog Input

* Serial Bus and Data Exchange

Do check the course content for a detailed list of topics.

You will get lifetime access to over 70 lectures plus corresponding PDFs, Arduino C code files, and the circuit diagrams for the lectures!

So what are you waiting for? Learn Arduino and Electronics in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

The Complete Arduino and Electronics Masterclass
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