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2 in 1 Arcore & Vuforia in Unity 3D : Make Stack Game AR

Stack Mobile game to augmented reality: arcore vuforia unity - arcore & unity C# - unity setup (step by step)
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Augmented Reality
game mechanics
Transform Game to Augmented Reality
3D Scripting
Unity AR
Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2019
Fast Developing
Reverse Engineering
Game Physics
Game Asset
User Interface
Game Development Fundamentals
Android Development
iOS Development
Rapid Application Development
vuforia unity
android game
android game development
mobile game
ios game
ios game development
game development
Build APK to Android

This Course Is made for all Levels , you don't need to be good at Unity3D or C#.

All you need to have is Unity3D 2019.3 version or above.

Augmented Reality has never be easier.

Discover the Power of augmented reality, how easy it is.

Show your friends what 30 min can do to make stunning thing

What to Learn ?



Game Mechanics

Augmented reality

Unity AR Best practice to save time.

Fast Developing

C# Reverse Engineering using Visual Studio


Fixing Errors and Problems generated by making the Game AR.

Unity Interface

3D Scripting


Unity ar

Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019

Why Unity3D ?

-Already contain Physics Engine

-Arcore Team supports Unity3D engine as first periorty.

-Unity is designed for mobile devices

Why Arcore ?

This should be related with your project need:

if your project is based on Image Target detection you sould use Vuforia SDK

else Arcore is the best in all.

Arcore detect the floor.

Arcore detect Walls

Arcore detect roof

Arcore is more flexible cause it use anchors, Vuforia use only the center of the imageTarget as The center of the world

Arcore VS Vuforia

Arcore Quality is better

Arcore Developement cost is more expensive

Arcore Developement time is more than Vuforia about 5 times

Vuforia Errors can be seen in Editor Consol always, Arcore somtimes the InstantPreview.apk don't work in the device side.

You should verify that your android or iOS device is supported by Arcore :

in their official website.

arcore vuforia unity -  Subscribe · Introduction to ARCore Augmented Faces, Android

How to install vuforia in unity 2019

Augmented reality (AR) overlays digital content and information onto the physical world — as if they're actually there with you, in your own space

One technology that's truly shaking up the landscape is augmented reality (AR), which superimposes an image onto a user's view of the real world and enhances it with sound, touch, and even smell

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2 in 1 Arcore & Vuforia in Unity 3D : Make Stack Game AR
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