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ARCore and Sceneform for Android Augmented Reality (Java)

Learn ARCore from beginning to end. Includes theory and apps for Sceneform, Augmented Images, and Cloud Anchors.
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Master creating Augmented Reality apps for Android
Head start on AR/VR industry expected to be worth $121 billion by 2021
Work as a freelance AR developer

ARCore is Google's Augmented Reality Platform for Android! It allows developers to create augmented reality apps for over 100 million devices.

This revolutionary technology will allow you to breakthrough in an industry worth over $100 billion. 

We will go through theory for important ARCore concepts such as Sceneform, Augmented Images and Cloud Anchors (coming soon). After which, we will build hands on projects that will be stellar additions to your portfolio.

  1. Use Sceneform to overlay 3D graphics on top of the real world

  2. Use Motion Tracking to track your objects

  3. Augmented Images to detect Images and overlay graphics on them

  4. Cloud Anchors to build shared AR experiences

Source code will be provided for the projects and this course will be regularly updated to incorporate latest technology. Support will be actively provided on the Q&A area.

If you want to save time on learning AR for Android and learn how to build practical applications, this is your best investment!

ARCore and Sceneform for Android Augmented Reality (Java)
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