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The Relationship Reconstruction Course

Building a Relationship is Like Building a House
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Build healthy, happy and rewarding relationships!
Build a stronger connection with your partner!
Resolve conflicts effectively!
Discover the key strategies that keep things exciting!
Experience the excitement of supporting each other!
And much, much more!

Are you hurting? We were.

Do you feel unheard or misunderstood by your partner? We did.

Have you even thought about throwing in the towel? We understand.

Finding love is such an amazing experience, but when we run into consistent issues in the relationship, it can be crushing.

But we are living proof that your relationship can turn around! We've been through some of the roughest and most intense conflicts but overcame it and learned how to build our love into something STRONG, INDESTRUCTIBLE and REAL! We decided to take the principles we've learned over 27 years of growing together and turn them into this 2.5 hour course so that you can experience the same transformation!

We have come to learn that building a relationship is like building a house. Some houses are crumbling and in desperate need of repair, while others are designed to last. Let us teach you how to have the latter.

This course is organized into 4 Simple Concepts:

Commitment as the Foundation  

Expectations as the Framing  

Communication as the Roof   

And Intimacy as the Finished Work   

This course is a GOLD MINE! Think of it as a relationship blueprint that will help you build up your broken connection.

The Reconstructing Your Relationship Course will teach you to:    

·         Build a stronger connection with your partner! 

·         Communicate to be heard and understood!   

·         Enhance your ability to resolve conflicts!   

·         Discover the key strategies that keep things exciting!  

·         And much more!    

Regardless of your sexual orientation,  The Relationship Reconstruction Course will provide you with actionable steps, communication principles,  and strategies for a healthy, happy, rewarding, and lifelong relationship.

No more leaky roof. Buh-bye, busted foundation.

Hello Relationship Reconstruction Plan!

The Relationship Reconstruction Course
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