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Architecting Very large Databases in SQL Server

A Step by Step Guide to Building VLDBs
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By the end of the course you'll have a solid understanding on how to architect VLDBs.
You'll be able to create a scalable architecture that scales horizontally regardless of database size.

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Course Summary

VLDB is an acronym. It stands for Very Large Database.  The term is not specific to SQL Server. 

What constitutes a VLDB is always up for discussion.  It’s my opinion that any database over 100 gig should be designed and tuned much more granularly than smaller databases.  

For the purposes of this course I’ll use the benchmark of 100 gig for a VLDB. 

In this course we will learn how to design a VLDB for SQL Server. We will also look at some additional measures you’ll need to take from a performance tuning perspective

In the course we will be highlighting practices you should consider implementing in order to maximize scale and performance of your VLDBs. 

This course will take a real world approach. That simply means you will be able to take what you’ve learned in the lessons and build out a real world VLDB.  

Thanks for your interest in “Architecting Very Large Databases in SQL Server.” 

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Architecting Very large Databases in SQL Server
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