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Architect SaaS Applications - Unique Challenges & Solutions

Intro to SaaS, scalability, multi-tenancy, provisioning, security, APIs, management, maintenance
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Architect Scalable SaaS applications
Implement multi-tenancy models
Design SaaS management and monitoring frameworks

Are you a software professional who is intrigued by the term “Software-as-a-Service”? Have you thought about how Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others build and manage these applications? Do you yearn to learn about the unique challenges in architecting and building these applications and how to solve them? If you are like countless other professionals who think so, you have come to the right place. This course unveils the principles, patterns and practices on which SaaS applications are architected and empowers you build some of your own.

You will learn about the unique challenges of SaaS – scalability, multi-tenancy, monitoring and integrations.  You will become familiar with various options and understand their strength, shortcomings and uses. You will take up two use cases and build SaaS architectures for them throughout the course.

This course is intended for experienced software developers and software architects who are new to SaaS. If also helps students for IT to gain insight and understanding about SaaS. This is an architecture course. There is NO detailed design or source code that is discussed in this course.

Architect SaaS Applications - Unique Challenges & Solutions
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