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3D Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 1)

a step by step work methods of producing great architectural animations.
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Architectural animation techniques that can only be taught in animation firms.
How to make deals with clients and calculate the pricing and timing .
How to design the storyboard for your movie .
Where to focus your cameras.
Basics of animation in 3ds max .(timeline ,key framing ,curve editor..etc)
camera movements used by professional directors.
How to produce fast previews before rendering.
How to present previews nicely using Adobe after effects
  • All course lectures are now Downloadable

  •  Arabic translation available   

Phaze 1 : is about PLANING your work .

  • Making the deal.

  • Storyboard designing.

  • Sketching cameras.

  • Basics of movements in max.

  • Professional camera movements .

  • and producing previews.

it seems like an easy phase yet it is the most important of all.

 if you have everything planned out and held correctly you will be making great animation movies.

i hope you enjoy this learning experience with me.

Is it difficult to learn and do 3D architectural animation?

It is not easy .. but here is the surprise: 

  1. i broke down the process into simple steps that you can apply to any architectural project

  2. to make it even easier i split them into 3 courses and this is phase 1.

  3. i use special techniques in to make the learning experience exciting.. "like :

  4. Speeding vedios when doing time consuming or repetitive stuff..

  5. "you don't have to wait 8 hours of render to learn an information".

  6. ALL lectures with motion graphics illustrations with Zooming -highlighting- sound effects .. etc.

  7. All lectures Sound recorded with professional microphone with no distractions.

  8. pdf and word files included.

  9. render presets files included.

  10. Ask questions in the Q&A section ..i will answer as soon as i can and you can also see other students Q&A

****This series of courses is different than any 3Ds Max & VRay courses out there.*****

  • Why Architectural animation?

  1. Great marketing tool:Architectural animation is a great tool used by project owners to Market their projects.they pay lots of $money to have a good visualization film to market with .

  2. Great Decision making convincer : Designers and big architecture firms uses animation to impress and convince their clients .and usually their clients are either millionaires investors or government decision makers just keep that in mind :)

  3. Great in portfolio :Animation is great in your portfolio ,having your projects as movies gives an impact on the viewer 

  4. Fun Work its great fun to work on a movie of your designs .specially if you already enjoy max .

  • Why i created this course ?

 there are Tons of valuable information that i learned during my Workdays that i want to share with you. 

  • What inspired me to create this course ?

As i was starting to learn this i was very amazed by the animation movies and i always wanted to learn how its done.I kept on searching online and in Training centers to find something that teaches architectural animation but i couldn't find something that satisfies me .Then i had the opportunity to work for a small animation company. I left my job as an architect and took the job at that small animation company.Working in a small company actually gave me a huge advantage to learn more. Part of my job was to hold meetings with the clients, To make storyboards myself , do the modeling the rendering and even the montage and final retouches.

  • How can this course help Me?

The information you are about to learn are Real valuable ones ,For every phase of work there are these small tricks that can save you massive amount of time,effort and money.

and my job is to point that out and give you my best solutions.i am also working on the bigger picture of organizing your work and deals with clients. 

3D Animation for Architecture 3ds max + Vray (phase 1)
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