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Learn to play Arabic music and Maqams on keyboard instrument

Learn to play Arabic oriental music on the keyboard with these online lessons provided by the instructor Yossi Aharon
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You will learn how to play Arabic songs and instrumentals
You will know the chords on the keyboard
You will learn the Arabic Maqamat scales
You will learn how to set quarter tones for each Maqam

In these lessons we will start from the basics. I will introduce you to the keyboard instrument and then we will start to learn the music theory which is the basic thing you need for being a musician. In music theory section there are video presentations that teach you all from the start. On the next section there are exercises to practice and improve your fingers movements. Then we will learn the Maqamat scales. In the next section I will teach you how to play the songs "Sa'alouni El Nas" and "Nassam Alyna El Hawa" of the singer Fairuz. Each song include normal speed and then I teach how to play it in slow speed. This course contain all what you need to learn how to play Arabic music on your oriental keyboard. So if you have a keyboard and you're ready to play an Arabic music on it, all you have to do is to sign up for this course.

Learn to play Arabic music and Maqams on keyboard instrument
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