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Arabic Language for Busy People: Beginners

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4- Become familiar with some of the differences between standard and spoken Arabic.
By the end of the Arabic for Busy People course you:
1- Have mastered the Arabic Alphabet and sound system, be able to distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds, and start writing for dictation.
3- Be aware of basic cultural aspects of social interaction and occasions in the Arab world.
2- Initiate (simple) social interactions and ask for some basic information.
5- Be able to greet others using appropriate greetings, introduce yourself and introduce others, exchange social courtesies and extend invitation.
6- Understand some of cultural aspects of the Arab region.
7- Have some useful tips to help you better engage in Arabic culture and society.

  • This course has been designed after reviewing of content of available Arabic courses. It aims to introduce comprehensive yet simple content which is not only focusing on letters and basic vocabulary but also merging important cultural aspects in the topics of the course to make students’ progress faster and enable them better engage in the Arab societies and Arabic speaking people.

  • With this course you will have gained the knowledge of main topics any beginner may need to learn about. these topics are: Arabic letters, Arabic numbers, Arabic pronouns, Arabic prepositions, some useful daily expressions, 3 simple conversations, main occasions in the Arab world, and overview on the Arab world and the Arabic accents.
Arabic Language for Busy People: Beginners
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